• How Can YES Help You Further Your Education?
          •   If you've dropped out of High School and are not enrolled in any academic or training program, your Case Manager will refer you to GED Preparation service
          •   Assist you in developing your career goals
          •   YES will guide you through the enrollment process if a training program or college is necessary to achieve your career goals
          •   Explore applying for grants/Financial Aid whether it be for post-secondary education or vocational training
  •    The YES Program is sponsored by the
    Hunterdon County Board of County Commissioners and the
    Somerset County Board of County Commissioners.

    Hunterdon County Community Outreach Contact
    Cynthia Douglass
    Email: cdouglass@hcvsd.org or call/text 908-635-6456 

     Somerset County Community Outreach Contact
    Kyle Vandenberg 908-725-7223